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Hey Moon

Velvety and Rich

Themes of the night can be associated with both wonder and terror. Hey moon welcomes doodlers to gain insight into their dreams or perhaps sleepless nights. Find serenity by taking a moment to unwind and destress with this night inspired doodle.

Free coloring page or downloadable doodle for September 2020. Hello Moon depicts a range of night time and dream-like themes in a spread that blends together creating a larger thematic page. At the bottom center of the page, a fox sits on a patch of grass underneath a street lamp. Behind the fox a cozy bed rests on the ground. A wooden floor peaks out from underneath the bed. Sky scrapers reach up into the night sky. A body of water rests at the foot of the bed an umbrella floating upside down. Acute monster holds a flashlight, a lunar moth flies. A space ship launches up a bedroom window. Van Gogh’s Starry Night in the background. Three sheep jump over the window. Beneath them is a jar of fireflies, a clock and a crescent moon. An owl rests perched on a branch. The planets are visible at the top of the page. A curated playlist is available on Spotify and Youtube for an immersive experience in the arts. An excellent activity for relief from information overload, stress, self-reflection
Untitled_Artwork 3.png
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